A Fashion Designer Helping Women Entrepreneurs

by Olubukola Adekoje

You might know Tory Burch as a fashion designer, but do you know about her work with women entrepreneurs?

That’s right. There’s more to the designer than boutique style clothing, shoes and accessories. The Tory Burch Foundation, founded in 2008, “provides economic opportunities to women and their families in the United States.” Through a partnership with ACCION USA, Burch is focused on helping women through microfinance.

This past November, Burch visited Chicago and met with several ACCION Chicago female clients. During the meeting, she talked with the women about ways to improve their business and products. She described how to use social media opportunities to improve visibility. Burch brought with her a team of experts to offer the women advice about building their business. Through the afternoon, each woman was able to share her goals and plans for her business.

Like Tory Burch, these women are pursuing their passions and dreams. They came to ACCION Chicago for the funding to build their business. With an ever-growing business herself, Tory Burch is well positioned to serve as a model. Through dialogue with Burch, experts and each other, these women entrepreneurs discussed ways to move to the level.

How did the meeting end? With some nice Tory Burch gifts, of course! The mentoring meeting has provided extra motivation to the women participants too, who have since met together to discuss ways they can support one another’s businesses. We at ACCION Chicago are excited to see how the Foundation can continue to help women entrepreneurs in the Chicagoland area as they pursue their dreams and support their families.